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March 13, 2012
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You were sitting at your desk, which had a few notebooks scattered here and there, a case full of pencils, and a huge desktop computer, writing down a somewhat complex math problem. Okay, somewhat complex in your book; others thought that these types of math problems were easy.

As you were furiously scribbling down the answer, a pair of arms latched onto your shoulders.

"{Name}-chan! Guess who?" Clearly this person didn't know the correct rules of the 'guess who' game or they were just trolling. You turn around, almost fast enough to give you whiplash, to meet with the red eyed raven information broker, Izaya Orihara.

"Izaya! What are you even doing in here?" You glared as he released his hold on your shoulders. Oh, for sure this wasn't normal, not at all. When Izaya personally met with someone, nothing good ever came.

"Details, details" he replied back in a sing-song voice as he spun around the room. A sudden cat-like grin graced his features; okay this was defiantly not normal. This was calm before the storm. "I got something to show you, {Name}-pyon!"

'Stop with the weird nicknames, weirdo' You didn't notice when he practically shoved you out of your computer chair and sat in it instead. "Ouch! Hey, what's the big idea?" you say as you picked yourself off of the floor and watched as Izaya scooted up to your desk and quickly pulled the main page of Youtube onto your computer screen. Curiosity got the best of you as you lightly walked over to the desk where he was.

His super-fast typing amazed you as he punched in a number of tags into the search bar. What popped up after he hit the enter button, which he did in slow motion you might add, was creeping you out. The title video had your friend from school, Kida Masaomi, in it with the words 'I'm a banana'.

'Okay, this is odd' you thought to yourself as Izaya drew his attention to you. His amused eyes looked at you for a second before he spoke. "Okay, now watch closely" he said as his smirk actually got wider than what it was a minute ago. If it stretched anymore, it would have been obnoxious. You nodded mutely as you drew towards the large screen. Izaya clicked the play button. You could see the glint from his eyes. Something was defiantly wrong but you couldn't put a finger onto what it actually was.

As the video kept on playing, you expression was one who looked like they just found out Christmas was canceled as all you could do was stare. It ended in just a mere minute and fifty seconds but your face still stayed the same.

Clearly satisfied with you reaction, Izaya silently left you (and your house coincidently) to wallow in what you just watched. 'Kida is….. a banana……………?' The minutes of your old school clock slowly ticked away as you tried to process everything. A smile slowly formed on your face as the same thought kept going off in your mind. Said smile broke out even more bigger smile as the more you thought about it until a small laugh came out of your voice box. More laughter escaped you as clutched your side. Kida was a banana? It was slowly becoming the most hilarious thing that you ever had heard in your entire life. And him singing it was even more funny.

You wondered if Kida knew about the video being on Youtube aka broadcasted all over the world? You didn't really care but you wanted to see Kida and to ask him if he really was a banana. It was best to get it from the (unwilling) source anyway.

A buzzing sound from your phone signaled that you got a text from someone. As you read the name of who sent the text, you bursted out laughing. You can't believe it. Kida had sent the text. It read:
"Helllllllooooooooo {Name}-chan. How are you doing this evening? –wink- Mikado and I wanted to know if you'll hang out with us tomorrow (there's no school tomorrow)? Anri said she'll join us too."

With your hands trembling, due to your fit of gut-breaking laughter, you clumsily reply as 'Sure, sounds nice. Can't wait to see you guys'. After you sent the text, the laughter returned to you once more. Oh, yes. You couldn't wait to see Mr. Banana to ask him if he was the banana he said he was.

You then had giggle fit before going to bed. Tomorrow was going to be awesome!
My first ever X Reader fanfic and it's in two parts. Part 1 is finished and I'll probably do part 2 tomorrow.

Inspiration for the X Reader: [link]

Sorry, if this seems OOC, heck the video that this is inspired by is OOC, so it's all good. :3 A nice break from my stamp invasion at least.

Kida, Izaya, and Durarara!! belong to their respective owners. I'm a banana song belongs to Onision. {Name} belongs to me/the reader.
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....I can feel it......
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I've heard of the song but never listened to it so then I did and I was laughing so hard!
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As soon as I saw the tittle I'm a banana I had to read it and it turned out awesome!!!
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Holy crap, there IS no school tomorrow. Weird, I'm not exactly a Kida fan, but who could resist the title?! XD
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Kida is a Banana
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What does being a banana mean?
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